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Episode 11: 17/11/09

Episode 11.

It was what can only be described as a ‘howlingly horrible’ night, the weather that is, Russell James popped in to keep me company and our News Director Steve, supplied the tasty onion rings :) And the new news team did a great job at 7pm.. well done girls!

1. Culture Cafe Theme: DJ Flip and Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads
2. River Valley Band: Kimberley
3. Chat with Aisling, Our Ear to the Beat,
4. Airbourne Toxic Event: Sometime Round Midnight
5. Mike Bartlett: No Woman No Cry (live at DCUFM)
6. Run Kid: Delphine
7. Corrugated Tunnel: One Night in Barcelona
8. Miracle Bell: Who Took It All
9. Cowboy X: Analogue Droids
10. The Angel Pier: Align The Seas
11. The Coronas: The Joker (live) our recommended Download of the week available fromwww.thecoronas.net
12. Colm Lynch: Quicksand
13. Trophy Boyfriend: Black Ship
14. Chat with Sean Dempsey
15. Sean Dempsey: Drama
16. Neosupervital: Do What You Feel
17. Director: Moment to Moment
18. Jody Had a hitlist: You Used to Be Fun
19. The Shower Scene: Smile For the Camera
20. Reemo: Chocolate Covered Gorgeous

and then it was over…

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