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Episode 12: 24/11/09

Episode: 12

It must be winter if the goldfish bowl is even feeling a little chilly… Here’s what I got up to..

1. Culture Cafe Theme: DJ Flip and Freezemaster Slick
2. Noah & The Whale: Love of An Orchestra
3. Chat with Aisling about Heritage Centre, Mick Flannery and Simon Fagan
4. Heritage Centre: Stolen It Twice
5. Simon Fagan: Bring The Dance
6. The Big Pink: Dominoes
7. Hitman Lord: Wanna Healing Music
8. Chat with Hitman Lord
9. Hitman Lord: I Drank As I
10. Hitman Lord: Upside World (live in studio)
11. Yeasayer: Ampling Amp
12. David Turpin:Dorothy Gale
13. La Galaxie: Victory – This weeks recommended free legal download available from state.ie
14. Fiach: You Dear
15. Chat with Eugene Donegan
16. House of Dolls: Gimme Some Glory
17. Chat with Chris Maher musicialyouthfoundation.com
18. River Valley Band: Kimberley
19. Vampire Weekend: Horchata
20. Beach House: Norway
21. outro……..

home time… till Thursday!

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