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Episode 3: 7/10/09

Episode Three:

So due to an overwhelming response, which, I hasten to add I’m extremely thrilled about, it looks like there will be two episodes of Culture Cafe every week. One doing what we always do and the other solely concentrating on Irish Music.

(Music) Cowboy X: Analogue Doids

Chat with Von Shakes

(Music) Von Shakes: The Routine

(Music) Von Shakes: Jackit

(Music) Miracle Bell: Into The Trees

(Music) The Shower Scene: In At The Deep End

(Music) Grades of Shade: Bleed  Artist of the month in association withwww.musicreviewunsigned.com

(Music Live) Identity Parade: Kicking Stones

Chat with Identity Parade

(Music Live) Identity Parade:Ooh Ooh

(Music) Identity Parade: Collette Collar

(Music) David Turpin: The Bone Dance

(Music) Hogan: PS You’re Crazy

Outro: DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads

Next week:

Culture Cafe Irish Music Show Monday 8-9pm:
I’ll have Director in studio for an Interview

Culture Cafe Arts Wednesday 8-9pm:
I’ll be chatting to Angela Dorgan about the Hard Working Class Heroes FestivalMiracle Bellwill be in for a quick chat, I’ll also be chatting to Dermot Lambert about the launch of the IYMA’s cd, Wookie will be telling us how he got on at Octocon and David Turpin will be dropping in.

…nessy out!

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