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Culture Cafe: 4/3/2010

Culture Cafe

Episode 18:

Have I ever mentioned that me and my immune system fight a lot? After Tuesday nights show I went home and within three hours i couldn’t talk. Yay says you , we don’t have to listen to her.. tough says I even if I can just about whisper into the microphone that’s whats I’m going to do.

Yet again armed with my flask of lemsip, THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!! (in the voice of Peter Dickson, XFactor voiceover man). THe show was also the subject of a Facebook debate on whether or not I’d play Crystal Swings ‘She Drinks Tequila’

Here’s what I whispered my way through.

1. Dj Flip and Freezemaster Slick: Croosroads (Culture Cafe theme)
2. Fiach: Every Single Day
3. Chat with Tom Cashman from DCU Games Soc who just released a new game called ‘Bandit’
4. I played a song but i cant remember which one…
5. Chat with Eugene Donegan
6. Eugene Donegan: Corpus Christi and Blueberry Wine (Live)
7. Eugene Donegan: Tonight Is The Night
8. Groove Armada: Paper Romance
9. Amasis: Never Yours
10. Chat with Pete Fagan
11. Elaine Doonan & Pete Fagan: Hiati Child My Flask of lemsip
12. Ocean Colour Scene: Saturday
13. Crystal Swing: He Drinks Tequila (yes i played it)

And so I went home tomy flu cocoon to feel sorry for myself for another while.. sniffle cough.

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