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Culture Cafe: 14/10/2010

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Nessy with Howlin Dowlin

Bren, Vinny and Nessy


Episode 38?? How did that happen?

Had a great time last night in the studio, there was a really good buzz, I spoke to Meljoann and Iwona from Flashlight and Howlin Dowlin popped in for a chat and a song. Here’s what happened.

1. Crossroads: DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick (Culture Cafe Theme)
2. Blah Bounce: Republic of Loose
3. To U I bestow: Mundy (this week’s recommended Free Legal download available from Reverbnation)
4. Chat with Iwona, from Flashlight, who’s organising the event in the Twisted Pepper next week
5. Kings of Leon: Radioactive
6. RazorBlades: Howlin Dowlin
7. Chat with Bren and Vinny from Howlin Dowin including a live track Culture Cafe
8. Sussed: Howlin Dowlin
9. Chat with Meljoann
10. Meljoann: So Academic

and it was all over just like that.. Podcast coming shortly!


April 6 2010

April 7, 2010 1 comment
Romomovs Goodbye's Keyboard and mini stack

Romomovs Goodbye

I think this is episode 26.

It was another mad busy evening.. Thanks to Romonov’s Goodbye and Arrow In The Sky for popping in. Here’s what happened.

1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads

2. Plan B: She Said

3. Chat with Romanov’s Goodbye

4. Romanov’s Goodbye: Hank (Live)

5. Romonov’s Goodbye: Goodbye letters

6. Holy Roman Army: Speed To My Side (Recommended Free Legal Download available from

7. Chat with Arrow In The Sky

8. Arrow In the Sky: Last Breath (Live)

9. Arrow In The Sky: Half Glass of Emptiness

10. Chat with Aisling, Our Ear To The Beat about Pete Doherty

11. Pete Doherty: Lovers

12. Studio invasion with Alan and Denis.. then I decided to shut up and go home!

Thanks to Aisling for the photies!

Photos next..

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Culture Cafe: April 1 2010

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nessy elavator

Episode 22.

Here’s what went down last night! The studio was invaded at one point by Russell James – seemingly his own show isn’t big enough for him ­čśŤ

1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads (Culture Theme)
2. Neon Indian: Sleep Paralasyst (Recommended Free Legal Download available from Here
3. Chat with Chris Maher from
4. Von Bizmark: Address the Silence
5. Chat with Elavator
6. Elavator: Fly Away (Live)
7. Elavator: Wandering Man (Live)
8. Looking Out for Number One (Live)
9. Vampire Weekend: Giving Up The Gun
10. Interview / chat with DCUfm’s Russell James, who is working for the college elections

That was a larf!

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Culture Cafe: 25/03/2010

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Culture Cafe Logo

Episode 23:

The Dogs were against me tonight.. Here’s what I got up to:

1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick
2. Placebo: Nancy Boy
3. Unkle: Natural Selections (our recommended Free Legal Download available from
4. 1000 Bees: Kate Walsh
5. Chat with fellow double shortlisted Smedian Alan Regan
6. Storyfold: Delphine Wakes
7. Machine Gun Baby: Yes, I’ll Wait
8. Sullee J: Nothing Else Matters
9. Interview with Sullee J (recorded via Skype on 21/3/2010)
10. Simon Fagan: Damn Honey
11. Hitman Lord: I Drank As I
12. Everything Everything: My Keys Your Boyfriend
13. Marina & The Diamonds: Hollywood

Culture Cafe: 23/03/2010

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Nessy and Fiach

Nessy and Fiach

Wow That was a busy show!

Some┬áfantastic┬álive music from Fiach, Keith Mullins and Pearse McGloughlin, more talent than you could shake a stick at so, Here’s what went down!

1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads (Culture Cafe Theme)
2. Everything Everything: My Keys, Your Boyfriend
3. Chat with Fiach
4. Fiach: Freedom and Resistance (Live)
5. Fiach: Every Single Day
6. Cults: Most Wanted
7. Chat with Keith Mullins
8. Keith Mullins: Mistakes (Live)
9. Keith Mullins: This is Me walking Away
10. Kate Walsh: 1000 Bees
11. Chat with Pearse McGloughlin
12. Pearse McGloughlin: Ways to Kill A Werewolf
13. Pearse McGloughlin: Morning Mist

And that’s all we could squish in! Thanks to Niall from Rock n Roll Radio and apologies, we ran over by a little bits oops..

Keep Going Pictures of me with the other guys..

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Culture Cafe: 18/03/2010

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Culture Cafe Logo

Episode 21: Its the turn of the Irish Classics!

Here’s what went down!

1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads (Culture Cafe Theme)
2. Turn: Beretta
3. The Fat Lady Sings: Arclight
4. The 4 of Us: Drag My Bad Name Down
5. Mundy: Too You I Bestow
6. The Frank & Walters: After All
7. The Revs: Wired to the Moon
8. Lir: There Are More Things
9. Something Happens: Parachute
10. A House: Endless Art
11. Picturehouse: Sunburst
12. The Frames: Revelate
13. The Stunning: Everything that Rises
14. The Frames: Revelate
15. Sultans of Ping FC: Where’s Me Jumper
16. The Boomtown Rats: Rat Trap
17. Paddy Casey: Whatever Makes You True
18. An Emotional Fish: Celebrate

Wow! so much good stuff in one hour! Phew!

Normal Culture Cafe resume next Tuesday at 1900 UTC on

Culture Cafe: 16/03/2010

March 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Culture Cafe Logo

Seeing as it’s reading week and St Paddys Eve, it was decided to do a couple of Music only shows.. where I talk not a lot…

So tonight was the turn of the newbies on the Irish scene.. The Classics will be rolled out on Thursday

1. DJ Flip and Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads
2. Von Bizmark: Address The Silence
3. John Shelley & The Creatures: Long May You Reign
4. Simon Fagan: Damn Honey
5. Toy Soldier: Wild One
6. Miracle Bell: For For Love
7. David Turpin: Dorothy Gale
8. The Infomatics: Kill or Create
9. Fiach: Every Single Day
10. Saccade: See How They Fly
11. The Aftermath: Northern Lingerie
12. Storyfold: Delphine Wakes
13. Mike Got Spiked: Fool For The Ladies
14. Two Door Cinema Club: I Can Talk
15. The Shower Scene: Smile For the Camera
16. Crystal Swing: He Drinks Tequila

.. yes I played it again.. it was requested!

…nessy out!

Edit: 20:45 Just heard Scott Mills played Crystal Swing on BBC1, if its good enough for Scott its good enough for me!